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My name is Max Girardin and although I live in Belgium, and have partly African roots. Already as a young man in Africa, I was interested in nature, its interactions and the complexity of life.

Later, in the beginning of the eighties I started with physiotherapy studies but soon changed my course and due to my passion for anatomy I became an osteopath.

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The rule of the artery... Shenanigan popular in the modern short sightedness syndrome, usually instigated by shenanigators...


Some of the followers of late J.M. Littlejohn’s interpretation of osteopathy, tend to promote this amputated and completely decontextualized quote from A.T. Still, and some repeat it religiously like a Mantra, so repetitively, it has become a reality to them, a good shenanigan if it would not be that simplistically… sad.

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EVOST in space and time… Or how it came to be…


Several people, professionals as well as students, asked us how did you come up with the whole EVOST concept in osteopathy? Well our answer is: 1 plus 1 makes 3. In many ways, EVOST emerges from the combination of a number of ingredients and circumstances. - Max Girardin & Jean-Paul Höppner

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System and environment, a curse for science... and I don't even start on hierarchy and chronology


This little babble of mine was triggered by reading this article on my forlorn mountain while listening to the sounds of despair, memory, love and hope of Amalia Rodrigues with her beautiful voice singing her lamenting Portuguese Fado and by this its very specific mood lingering around while reading … Max Girardin

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Lectured by Max Girardin

In 1983 I did two years of histology and cytology (microscopy and electron microscopy) under Professor Dekegel in the Pasteur Institute Brabant Brussel.

In 1985 I did two supplementary semesters in anatomical dissections at the free university of Brussels where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with congratulations of the jury. It gave me the opportunity to become pro-sector at the department of morphology and experimental anatomy under the supervision of professor J P Clarijs. I left the department in 1995.

In 1992, in cooperation with professor Cabri from the free university of Brussels and technical university of Lisbon, my colleague Jean-Paul Höppner and I started a special anatomical program at the Rupprecht-Karls university of Heidelberg.

Today, under our supervision, young osteopaths from all over Europe still benefit from this opportunity to complete their practical studies of anatomy with a capital A, meaning: dissection, human embryology and histology.

From 1992 till 2000 I gave lectures concerning Physiology, Histology and osteopathy in practice at the College Sutherland in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

I am an EVOST fellow. EVOST, which stands for “Evolutionary Medicine in the Osteopathic Field”, is a think tank for osteopathic philosophy and Form in general. For me human physiology histology and embryology are important parts of morphology and Form the very basis to anatomical study.

My interests in the significance of Form has lead me to the concepts of complexity evolution and system theory. Persistent work and an inquisitive mind for more than 30 years in this field has opened a complete set of new perspectives on the meaning of Form to me..

Studying the writings of doctor Still brought me to the conclusion: that A.T. Still was sharing the same views as principles of evolution and complexity but expressed them in another style. Since 2000 I give lectures to osteopaths from all over the world in Evolutionary Osteopathy and its particular aspects.

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