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It is with great pleasure that I find time to write you  to thank you. This last weekend, synthesis has finally made me do a qualitative change in my practice. I follow many years many courses, probably they all sink in a bit slowly in a pace I cannot really perceive... But EVOST is really being The Trip for me... Since the 1st training has helped me understand my self my patients and adquire a look, a touch, a sense and now finally as well a ratio that are most precious in my practice and as well in my life (if there is any limit between them both). Until now I was "kind of" understandng... but now things are ordered, organized and are being a skeleton were to hang all the rest and to which to come back whenever things get too complicated... So, I thank you a lot, really, for all this years of efforts, fights, struggle, discipline and transmision. To this big nieuwhousje Formentera woman is very meaningful and I will stay grateful all my life. You have done an incredible job!

Ana Casanovas -  Osteopath in Barcelona

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