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What is the red line (stance) in the seminars?

MORPHOlogicum refers to FORM & KNOWLEDGE.


FORM: We view Form as the ancient morphologists (Natural Philosophy):

In its presence a form reflects its developmental history but also reveals its ability to adapt.

KNOWLEDGE: Is universal reasoning of known facts and occurring phenomenon that enlightens the mind to the essence of form as a whole.


This reflects the original philosophy of A. T. Still: unique and of all times.









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Why choose Morphologicum?

Theory and practice

Without a firm basis in theory, little can be put into practice. We provide a well-founded basis and help you to put it into practice.

Pleasant course rooms

Nothing can be as tiring as having to concentrate for 3 - 4 days. That is why we invest a lot of time and attention in the choice of our locations and you benefit from this.


Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, do you have professional questions or are you looking for a colleague abroad? After following our seminars we offer you the possibilities of our fellowship. Become a member of an international group of osteopaths and expand your options.

Accreditation points

Our courses have been approved in several countries by the respective professional associations. You always receive the required accreditation points in addition to a certificate.


A selection

Lumbar pain and the 10 pelvic vertebra


Anatomy is one of the oldest sciences that describes the human form. These descriptions are based on observations of as well as insights in the human form of those days. Over the centuries many anatomical books were written. Often as a copy of previous editions. Over the centuries a certain way of looking was passed from one generation to the next. By copying books we also copied our way of looking at form and function. Question: can a change of looking turn into the capability of seeing different forms and functions which are now still hidden behind the old Nomina Anatomica? - By Jean-Paul Höppner DO mro
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Nerves and their drilling machine


A deeper understanding of the anatomical form leads to an insight that has practical significance. This deeper understanding requires a way of looking. A way of looking that leads to seeing which turns illustrations of structures into living pictures of anatomy. The way of looking represents a state of mind. This state of mind is often biased by the rhetoric we use in order to describe what we are looking at. Being unaware of it, this rhetoric is often not without consequences for our daily practice! - Jean-Paul Höpper DO mro
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Nerwy i ich wiertarki (Nerves and their drilling machine) - Polish translation


Dogłębne zrozumienie formy anatomicznej prowadzi do spojrzenia, które ma znaczenie praktyczne. Głębsze zrozumienie wymaga pewnego sposobu postrzegania. Sposobu spojrzenia, który reprezentuje stan umysłu. Ten stan umysłu jest często uprzedzony przez retorykę, której używamy w celu opisania tego, na co patrzymy. Będąc tego nieświadomym, wspomniana retoryka często pozostaje nie bez konsekwencji dla naszej codziennej praktyki! - Jean-Paul Höppner DO mro
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