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What is the red line (stance) in the seminars?

MORPHOlogicum refers to FORM & KNOWLEDGE.


FORM: We view Form as the ancient morphologists (Natural Philosophy):

In its presence a form reflects its developmental history but also reveals its ability to adapt.

KNOWLEDGE: Is universal reasoning of known facts and occurring phenomenon that enlightens the mind to the essence of form as a whole.


This reflects the original philosophy of A. T. Still: unique and of all times.









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Why choose Morphologicum?

Theory and practice

Without a firm basis in theory, little can be put into practice. We provide a well-founded basis and help you to put it into practice.

Pleasant course rooms

Nothing can be as tiring as having to concentrate for 3 - 4 days. That is why we invest a lot of time and attention in the choice of our locations and you benefit from this.


Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, do you have professional questions or are you looking for a colleague abroad? After following our seminars we offer you the possibilities of our fellowship. Become a member of an international group of osteopaths and expand your options.

Accreditation points

Our courses have been approved in several countries by the respective professional associations. You always receive the required accreditation points in addition to a certificate.


A selection

Dissection Heidelberg, March 2022


Due to corona measures, the planned seminar will be postponed from August 2021 to early March 2022. As soon as there is more certainty about the logistical feasibility, we will announce the exact date on our website.Anyone who has already secured a place for August 2021, it will be kept (a new registration is not necessary yet).

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Capillary Fluid Exchange


“... The rule of the artery is absolute ...” Autobiography, page 182 “... The rule of the artery and vein is universal in all living beings, ...” Osteopathy and mechanical principles, page 55 “... remember the highest officer in command is the artery of nourishment, which must be assisted by the nerve of motion and the vein of renovation. ...” Autobiography, page 190-192 In this book you can find a condensed but nevertheless very acurate description of the physiological processes of tissue vascularisation. The different control mechanisms of these processes are also described in detail. With exten- sive list of literature. Discover the possible impact of a mechanicle handling on the metabolic aspect of human functioning.

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The rule of the artery... Shenanigan popular in the modern short sightedness syndrome, usually instigated by shenanigators...


Some of the followers of late J.M. Littlejohn’s interpretation of osteopathy, tend to promote this amputated and completely decontextualized quote from A.T. Still, and some repeat it religiously like a Mantra, so repetitively, it has become a reality to them, a good shenanigan if it would not be that simplistically… sad.

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