Still's Fascia

Fluidic Approach to Treatment of Connective Tissue

  • Lecturer
    Jane Eliza Stark, MS, D.O.M.P.
  • Course location
    Germany / Belgium
  • Price
    €550,- / Seminar

Fluidic Approach to Treatment of Connective Tissue


This course challenges several of the commonly held paradigms regarding the understanding and treatment of fascial tissue. In particular, it focuses on the often overlooked, yet critically important, role of loose connective tissue in the regulation of the health of the body. Using a comprehensive theoretical approach and her practical experience with dissection and clinical practice, Jane explains, demonstrates, and supervises the practice of several techniques applicable to connective using a fluidic, rather than a fibrous, approach to its normalization. It will also be discovered that treating the loose connective tissue through the medium of fluid is often a pathway to access a patient’s emotional landscape.


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  • length 4 days
  • Accreditation points (NRO) 25
  • Accreditation points (ACPVO) 25
  • Accreditation points (VOD) 10 Points par Day
  • Maximum number of participants: 35 participants
  • Class days: Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
  • Course time 09:00 - 18:00 (Last day 15:30)


  • Day 1

Lecture: Connective Tissue Properties
Details of Histology of connective tissue
Embryology of connective tissue
Fascial Continuity Lecture
Practical: Example of Fascial Continuity

  • Day 2

Review of Day 1
Practical: Palpation Exercise for Fascia
Lecture: History of Fascia – 1500 to A.T. Still
Lecture: Understanding A.T. Still
Practical: Fascial Tension

  • Day 3

Review of Day 2
Lecture: Osteopath’s view of Fascia over the last century and today
Practical: Fluid Field Palpation Exercises
Lecture: Wave Mechanics

  • Day 4

Review of Day 3
Practical: All Day – Application of fascia principles as applied to various regions of the body.