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I already did the start / advent or appearance story of this one in several other articles, and want to take it further on from there...

The readers that are following my babbles and writings, since the beginning, realize, I sincerely hope at least realize ...

that all the articles are actually one and should not be looked upon individually: The FORM is one, it is a whole, with many dimensions, and with its hierarchy and chronology as a whole, as also in the lower dimensions...

And my babbles highlight just an aspect in Hierarchy or Chronology or dimension of the whole, using the mind zooming tool... Usually a song, a word or expression or question or statement triggers me and of we go. (and these articles are triggers to think or deepen your knowledge not a full course on a subject)

The principles at work are the same and only demonstrates emergences as the whole complexifies....but in the end it is and stays whole from the first cell too the whole complex organism with zillion of cell's, tissues and organs...

- Max Girardin

As a system, the mucus membrane or digestive tube is the first to appear by selforganisation in phylogenesis in the multicellular organisms and as hierarchy and chronology abides us, this is big.

This one, I repeat because it is in my opinion maybe "the most underrated part"some of us tend to forget in the story of the complexification of Life's organisms.

Often I get patient referrals from colleague osteopaths, which happen often to be ex-students from my old Alma Mater; usually they have "done some osteopathic techniques and tried out different 'hipster' stuff, they saw in the one or other postgrad, and then in frustrating amazement see the 'patients problem' reiterating over and over again, thus they refer them often to the old piping hippo...

Now I have not really kept stats about it, but my best educated guess is that in about 80 - 85 % of the cases, these patients have a fundamental "environmental" problem with their mucus membrane as a system (Endoderm), locally, regionally or systemically...and for most, there lies the key for their health returning, and the Boss NATURAL (individualized normal) to come home again. Now the mucus membrane is an extremely complex system where much is happening...

Nature demonstrates us that (repetitive) behavior creates Form in complex systems, in complex adaptive systems behavior builds up towards a state or moment of criticality and the the shift or internal reorganization or dimensional Form change happens... in other words the behavior is already usually recognizable for the diligent observers mind, before it really structures and takes form.

Hierarchy means that something has to be there before the next step, evolution or development can take place, under the motto you can't make an omelette without eggs. 

Hierarchy thus says something about space, being present, filling a part of the space or not. Chronology says something about time, in time if you have eggs, then you need to break them to make an omelette... can't reverse that timeline hey?

Hierarchy and chronology of coming into FORM matters, because this story is also how the whole keeps behaving or functioning in other words.

Meaning the earlier a system appears, the more fundamental it is for that organisms normal functioning...and for those who have not read the rest of my stuff (you are wrong because they are really a summative story) go and read at least Annus Horribilis it is about Hierarchy and Chronology mostly:

A FORM is normally adapted to its environment, or in some cases adapts the close environment to its needs (bee hives, termite hills, a birds nest, a human house etc), as long as these are all more or less in balance, the Form is "perfect" or in "harmony" in Still's words, meaning it behaves within the range of homeostasis, it can deal with the stimuli the environment throws at it, with absorption and metabolization of the stimuli as reaction, there is no disrupting pattern provoking brutal FORM change, all is in the green.

But when a or many stimuli disrupt these quiet normal waters...the Form has to notch up its reactions or responses and deal with the pattern(s) in its midst now....this means more or less always Form change, or internal 'in se' that is ok...but the consequence is that by the internal reorganization, to deal with these necessities to maintain itself, there will be an increase in order and thus per definition less potential...meaning that the overall resilience of the Form or at least a part of it, is diminished or in the end even practically lost

downfacing person

Those are the general considerations or Nature's principles, but what does that mean in practice?

Well I started by saying that from a phylogenic point of view, and in principle even ontogenically, the feeding exchange system or the mucus membrane and its fluid exchanges are the first system that really takes Form in the multi-cellulars...meaning, and sharp knives in the kitchen drawer as you certainly are, get this: being the very first system to develop as a Form, its condition and functioning will impact directly or indirectly on all the other systems and forms that will develop later on...


THIS IS BIG and so underrated in the "Polly says good morning " style teachings and educations.

Because it is a part that fell in between the rest, or was calved off during the ordering and specialization waves, I think as mentioned in one of the previous articles.

mucus membrane

Food, its preparation, the way it is eaten, all the steps of the predigestion, digestion and end digestion, absorption, the flora influenced by all that, the local circulation, the innervation and all other communication systems, the immune condition (Malt, Galt, Balt, Valt and the rest of inners tissue defenses) all play a role, in the FORM of the mucus membrane, and I have not mentioned the environment, hydration or oxygenation for that matter...

The Form is a whole, but in this whole the mucus membrane is an old ...actually primal ancestor and very active boy that interferes with much more than we even know now probably as the recent years' attention to the interface gut flora - mucus membrane and the rest like brain function for instance Natural principle it has to be that way.

HEED ITS CONDITION , dear fellows, heed its condition!!!!

In the inspection and anamnesis of my patients it is an important part, always; whatever they consult me for.

What is the condition of their mucus membranes as a whole, and then specifically for the specialized zones, like respiratory system, or urogenital system, or specific gut digestion and absorption zones etcetera.... Don't forget that most of our so called organs that in histology we call exocrine and endocrine glands, are sproutings out of the old mucus membrane, in the exocrine case they keep their connections with the tissue of origin whereas for the endocrine they lost that connection, usually ripped off by the fast growing environment.

But nothing living can deny its origins...

"The past is never dead is not even past ( as dear William Faulkner wrote)".... and in its behavior the connection will be there directly or indirectly, it depends just on the glasses you put on when looking at it.

One can only see what one knows or is aware off.

Just heard of a nice example in that section today, this email comes from the Dutch Lowlands directly from a teachers meeting of an Osteopathic education:

"we were talking with a few colleagues osteopathic teachers about the term A P E N from the EVOST course and the whole discussion took a strange direction while most of these people have not taken the course but only heard via a few colleagues who did and shamelessly overtook terminology without apparently really understanding what they are talking about, am I crazy or what???? "

This mail comes from someone who is an Evost student and Civil Engeneer next to Osteopath, and who clearly thinks and reasons. She continues her writing with:

A P E N = Autocrine communication (is cell maintenance), Paracrine ((is connective-)tissue comunication), Endocrine (is regulation), Neurocrine (integration & coordination) that is what they made of it and concluded from there that:

Osteopathy: Symptoms erupt in the Neurocrine and or Endocrine level, we as osteopaths treat at a paracrine level.

SAY WHAT??????

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha just almost wet myself, think three times before you speak and try at least to get the data right before you try to reason with them...don't think on half or completely misunderstood data and then draw big general conclusions from it...


This can be seen as a a typical clinical sign of what is really going wrong within Osteopathic private school teaching....pseudo scientific-mystico-gelatinous-nebulous-swamp thinking (can't call it reasoning) based on unheard and thus certainly mis- or un- understood data and then drawing generalized and simplified persuasive conclusions...probably as teachers: speaking them out loud, being very happy with the personal sound and professing that rubbish the next seminar to the students...which usually listen in awe to such self-proclaimed rubbish if it is brought loud and convincing enough....Foei foei foei shame on you, I am embarased in your place.

You can bring horses to the creek, but drinking they have to do themselves

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke.

Or be self convinced and strongly oppiniated professing rubbish without thinking about it or any other form of criticism or selfcriticism...

The rise and selforganisation of the muccus membrane or endoderm in the embryo is an early important step within the development upon which all that follows depends greatly, even the development of the apparently different "new" types of communication as emergences.

Now I hear already the stampede starting..."but in the human embryo it is the growth spurt of the nervous system that is directing what happens to the rest"...

Agree completely but take a dimensional jump, zoom in and see why that happens? What is the environment that makes this growth spurt start? It is the flow and trigger of the neural's early nourishment or matricial stimulation that you can call bombardment if you want...and yes in a human embryo that is not the mucus membrane yet but the fore runner of the circulation in the fore runner of the connective or mesodermal principle the source of the information...Once the baby is born this old system closes off from the source (umbilical cord) and it is the mucus membrane that takes over the job for all exchange and thus becomes a primal source of information...think it over and reason, REASON, REASON, REASON but based on observations or science data....

There is already enough rubbish and fairytales out there, don't make the pile higher...

And a post scriptum for some of the osteopathic teachers:

Autocrine as it is changing the extracellular fluids will potentially affect all others...Kalium (Potassium) and chloride are typical autocrine communication elements; 

inject them in your blood stream (endocrine action according to your logic) and see how your heart and the rest reacts?

Paracrine idem and yes it can affect the connective tissue but not solely or exclusively... does it affect cells? Ho yes by receptor does it get there? OOOHH through the connective tissue and then extracellular fluid...Deuuuh

Neurocrine transmission : the release is in the open liquid intercellular space, so it is actually a paracrine communication...but if it ain't broken down immediately like with most who aren't cholinergic, it has also a paracrine and even endocrine effect...

Where is the massive linear simplistic tinkering bringing you to?

It is complex and not linear.... the only reason why in Evost and the other courses like the Embryology or Evolutionary Physiology we talk about these communication systems is because they demonstrate Hierarchy and Chronology within the whole Complex Adaptive System, and how they keep functioning...not because they are separate systems...

We as homo Sapiens and mammals are pattern recognizers, and like to classify everything in little boxes in order to bring linearity and clarity in our brain...but complex reality is...and usually not as the little mind boxes we've created...

Reasoning within Space Time is complex and difficult don't dumb it down with stupid and moreover wrong conclusions just because you like the sounds you make apparently, please.

Teaching stuff you don't understand is not really helping the future professionals... I think

But then again I can be wrong, what do you think yourself?


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