Is there such thing as a standard protocol for osteopaths?


Unmistakably we are living in a technical dominated society. In the attempt to improve not only the efficiency of a technique but also its application, numerous protocols are developed. Moreover, we can observe that many of these protocols today mainly serve the technique itself and not so much its purpose. The medical term “protocolitis” is here in order. But let there be no doubt about it, in our osteopathic society the patient “osteopathy” is sick in its own bed as well! This raises the question whether it is still possible to find a protocol that does right to the osteopathic philosophy. Studying thoroughly the writings of A.T. Still leads to a conclusion: although not easy, yes it is possible. But only under the condition that we can find the essentials to his philosophy and restore them in their value.

- By Jean-Paul Höppner DO mro